You are never too old to dance.

According to dancer and choreographer Eileen Kramer, you can still dance at 100.  And she should know - she is!

She recently raised the money via her Insipiring Eileen project to allow her to put on her latest show which included a group of dancers, costumes, musicians and was a raging success over two days.

She says that she is not a highly acrobatic dancer - she is a soft dancer.   But, according to Dr Maggie Haertsch, she is "an extraordinary ball of energy. She is completely blind in one eye and she is making all the costumes and creating the set."

Dancing, says Eileen, psychologically strengthens her.

Watch just one of the shorts produced in advance of her show:

Most definitely, in Eileen's case, you can say without any doubt, Age No Limit.


There are thousands of articles and news items about Eileen Kramer - the following are just a tiny few.  Click through them, though, as there are some wonderful video interviews and more examples of the preparation for her stage show.

One hundred year old dancer Eileen Kramer still taking to the stage
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100yo dancer Eileen Kramer stars in new Sydney production

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