Today's 90 year-olds are sharper than ever!

According to to a Danish report published in the medical journal, the Lancet, nonagenerians (those 90 to 100) are mentally sharper than those who turned ninety years ago.

They compared two cognitive test groups and found that today's ninety-somethings have got more mental faculties intact. 

The first group was born in 1905 and tested in 1998.  The other group were born in 1915 and tested in 2010.  Average age of the second group was actually two years older yet they were twice as likely to attain a higher score than the first group.

They also lived longer.  They were 32% more likely to reach 95.   According to Kaare Christensen of the Danish Aging Research Centre, "Not only are more people living to a higher age, they are also doing so in better shape...".

Of course, that was in Denmark.

According to the World Health Organization, the U.S. and Denmark both have an average life expectancy of 79.   It is probably safe to put the U.K. and Australia in the same ball-park, so the results likely apply to you and me too.

These findings offer hope - the benefits of exercise, social interaction, stimulation and so forth can lead people to continue to enjoy their life - their long lives.

Age might be blunting the edges but there's still plenty of go.

People have the faculties - they just need somewhere to facultate!

Or put more simply (but less humorously), Age No Limit.

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