Any Age No Limit

Stories about those that we place limitations and expectations on.  Stories that show us that there literally are no limits.

Stephen Hawkins Needs No Introduction.

But this item is just plain brilliant.

The Monty Python Galaxy Song
Sung by Stephen Hawking

Not only one of the world's greatest theoretical physicists - probably the greatest - but he suffers from motor neurone disease yet still maintains a brilliant mind and - it turns out - a brilliant sense of humour.

Massimiliano Sechi was born without hands.  He only has one leg.  Yet he is one of a tiny few players to achieve 'diamond' status in the online League of Legends game.  Out of sixty-seven million.

He refuses to be disadvantaged by his disability - "No limbs, no problem" he says. 

From the YouTube site:

This isn't your momma's sob story. Watch to the end, bro.
Gaming transcends age, distance, and culture. This is a look into the hearts of legends and the people who shape them, the games that changed them, and the changes they're making to the game. This is [ Character Select ]

Kian and Travis travel to Sassari, Sardinia - and island off the coast of Italy- to meet MacsHG, the "Handless Gamer." We started working with Macs when we discovered he used Razer gear to overcome his handicap and become a champion. His story isn't just about perseverance and inspiration - it's about something bigger.