Too old to do something new? Never!

Pretty well most people have heard of Christopher Lee.  Star of zillions of horror films, played the role of Saruman in the Lord of the Rings trilogy....   Mr Dracula himself.

He's actually got a few strings to his bow.  Apart from the many, many films he has starred in, he is also an accomplished singer.  Classically-trained, he actually sung on The Wicker Man soundtrack as well as the credits of a number of television shows.

But when he turned ninety he felt like doing something different.

In 2010 he released his album 'Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross'.  It was critically acclaimed.   Then there was the sequel - 'Charlemagne: The Omens of Death'.  Pretty dark sounding titles but what would we expect from the king of horror?

For his 90th birthday he released something a little different.  A heavy metal single called 'Let Legend Mark me as the King'.  At 90 he is the oldest heavy metal performer ever!  Does that make him a king?  Well, that's for his fans to decide.  But it does prove one thing ...  yep, you guessed it.  Age No Limit!

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Ninety year old Christopher Lee has a heavy metal concept album coming out 
Charlemagne Productions

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