100 years old? Go jump out of a plane!

Two stories here - two centenarians who celebrated their 100th birthday by jumping out of planes.  

Great Grandmother, Georgina Harwood (South Africa), did it in Cape Town.   She described the experience as wonderful, as exhilarating.  But it wasn't her first jump!  Her first was at age 92!

And then, there's Eleanor Cunnihgham, also 100, from New York.  She took the plunge in Gansevoort. This great-great-grandmother made sure to give her seven-month old great-great-granddaughter a kiss before that great flight.  But again, this was not her first time!  She's an experienced skydiver - starting young at ninety years old!  Her doctor was fully supportive - her health was well up to it!

We tend to think of ourselves as 'past it' or 'too old'.  Well, maybe that's just a state of mind - maybe that's just a label that other people give us, that all too often, we start to believe.

In reality, it's another case - two cases actually - of Age No Limit!


Centenarian Skydive Thrills Great-Grandma for 100th Birthday
Skydiving Great-Grandma Celebrates 100th Birthday in Style
Great-great grandmother celebrates her 100th birthday by SKYDIVING
Eleanor Cunningham Celebrates 100th Birthday With Sky Dive

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