Age No Limit

It's all about showing that age does not have to be a limiter.  Because you have more life experience, that doesn't mean you must give up on life, on living.

'Age No Limit' is all about showcasing the achievements of those who are mature in years but who have still got a lot of living to do.  They may be eighty years old or a hundred.  They may be male or female.  They may be any race or religion.  But they will share one attribute.

They are still determined to live.

But 'Age No Limit' is not just about encouraging people to live their lives to the full.  It is also about showing others that 'old age' (and don't we hate that term?) is not necessarily a closing down of life, but rather it can be a continuation of the adventure of living.

It is about not limiting others because of their age, but rather of supporting them.

We wont all desire to skydive.  We wont all wish to star in theatrical shows.

But we all want to live out our lives to the full.

We all want to live.

So check back, it's early days.  But I hope to include some stories here that will inspire.

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