Too old to save lives? Never.

Lots of people think that when they 'get old' they are no longer needed or useful.  We won't debate it - instead let's rephrase it:

Sometimes, when we have accumulated lots of life experience, we think that we can no longer contribute to the world.

Put like that it sounds contradictory doesn't it!  Well, of course it is.  No matter how old we are, we have lots of value and can offer amazing amounts of help to the world which, let's face it, needs help.

Here's a good example.

Wendy Smith was eighty-four but decided to learn first aid.  So she did her first aid training with St John Ambulance.  Just a way of passing time, you might say.  Just a bit of amusement.  Not likely to be of any use.

Her neighbour is still here to tell you different.  After having a heart attack,  he had stopped breathing.  It's called 'died'.  Because of her willingness to learn and have a positive impact on the world - despite being 84 years young - her neighbour survived.  Wendy Smith, 84, saved his life.  This eighty-four year old did CPR for ten minutes until the ambulance arrived. 

So don't think you are too old.  Don't think that your usefulness has come to an end.  Because, at the end of the day, Wendy Smith and her neighbour are living proof of Age No Limit.

Over Sixty

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Too old to ride a horse? Not even at ninety!

Thea Murphy always wanted to ride a horse.  For practically all of her ninety years, it was her ambition.  She was ninety, partially paralyzed and blind in one eye.  And did we mention that she was ninety years old?  Too old to ride a horse huh?

Well, proving the adage of Age No Limit, she did ride a horse!  A non-profit group called 'Celebrating Seniors' made it all possible.

She loves animals and she loves horses especially and will not be forgetting her ride too soon.  Yes, she said, she might be a little sore tomorrow but it didn't matter a bit.  This was a day never to be forgotten.

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Marathon Man at 101 years old!

Faujah Sing lost his wife and son when he was 89.  Most people might have given up on life but he decided there was life in him yet and he started running.   And so it was that in February 2013, he became the oldest person to run a marathon - at 101 years old!

And he didn't stop there - he's since completed eight more races!

But he was no stranger to record breaking - he broke NINE world records during his trip to Toronto in 2011!

Just take a look a the following videos - here's one guy who definitely doesn't buy in to the stereotype vision of older people:

He'd be the first to say.... Age No Limit!

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