Too old to make a difference? Think again!

Alfred - but he prefers Alfie - Date is 109 years old.  And he is still making a difference.

Alfie has a rather unusual hobby, at least for men - so he's breaking more than one stereotype here.  He knits.  Yes, Alfie has been knitting now for over 80 years.  And although he's 109, he is still knitting.  Booties? No.  Cardigans?  No.  Christening shawls? No!

Alfie knits sweaters for penguins!


Yes-sir-ee.   Penguins are sometimes affected by environmental hazards such as oil spills.  When they attempt to groom themselves, they ingest the oil and are poisoned. But thanks to Alfie and the Phillip Island Penguin Foundation there is hope.

Because Alfie is their saviour.

(Photo: Penguin Foundation)

Alfie Date - breaking stereotypes - still going strong at 109 - Australia's oldest man.
Alfie Date - breaking stereotypes - knitting tiny, delicate sweaters.
Alfie Date - breaking sterotypes - saving our wildlife.

Think you can't make a difference?  Think again.

Alfie Date - another perfect example of Age No Limit.

(And yes, he does knit other things, such as scarfs and beanies for premature babies.)

Watch the video below:

We need more Alfies in this world.


Australias oldest man still knitting for human and animal friends at 109
109 year old spends his days knitting sweaters for penguins

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