Too old to keep fit? Not even at 99 years old!

Margaret Grove was ninety-nine when she started taking fitness classes at the Westend Seniors Activity Centre on Ottawa!

But although Margaret is the oldest, she's not the only one.  Rose Boucher - a young 72 - has rheumatoid arthritis and says that going to the classes helps her a lot.  And it's fun, she adds.  And Gwyneth Bell - who is 84 - goes twice a week to build up her muscle strength.  "It makes a difference," she says.  "It really does".

Margaret Grove - who let's remind ourselves is 99 years old - says the classes helped her regain mobility after breaking her hip.  

Some people have been coming to Ilonka Wormsbecker's fitness classes for more than 20 years.  And if you didn't guess it, Ilonka herself is no spring chicken at 84.

Which all just goes to prove - you are never too old to keep fit.  Honestly, it's just another case of Age No Limit.

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