Too old to break records? Think again!

You are never to old to break records (or set them)!  Don't believe me?  Well check out this little list of record-breakers and see what you think:

  • 91-year-old Sy Perlis broke the world bench press record for his age
  • Dr Charles Eugster is 95 and has broken the 200m world record for his class
  • Tom Lackey is 93 and he broke the record for the world's oldest wing walker after wing walking for about 91 minutes across the Irish Sea!  He claimed it was very refreshing.  And cold.  And very very noisy

  • 103 year old Gus Andreone made an ace at the golf club using a driver at a 114-yard-par-3.  In English - he became the oldest person ever to make a hole-in-one!
  • Harriette Thompson ran a seven hour marathon in San Diego last year - she's 91 and recovering from cancer.  She beat the previous record for women 90 and over by TWO HOURS and FORTY-FIVE MINUTES

  • Margit Tall, from Finland,  who walks with a stick is possibly the oldest woman bungee jumper at 95 years old.  She did it, loved it and didn't let out one scream.  And she has the certificate to prove it.   Only Mohr Keet, a from South Africa, is older - he was 96 when he did his jump!
  • Japanese mountaineer Tamae Watanabe, 73, is still climbing; she set a world record last month, becoming the oldest woman to scale Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. She broke her own record, set when she was 63.
All over ninety years old - and one over 100 - and they all broke records. 

Take a look at some of the pictures on FLICKR

When you think that your time for achievement is over - think about these wonderful examples of Age No Limit.

There are many things that can stop us achieving - just because we are older doesn't mean that it is the end.  Sometimes, it means it is just the start.

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Wing walking pensioner breaks record over the irish sea
Wing Walking Pensioner

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