Australia's oldest PhD at 93!

Some may remember the character Lucy Sutcliffe from TV's Number 96.  It was the show that - some say - lost Australia it's virginity!  It was rude, funny and addictive.  Nothing like it came before and, I'd add, nothing like it has come along since.  Because nothing has been the same since.  Number 96 went beyond the expected - broke new limits.

And Elizabeth Kirby, who played Lucy Sutcliffe, has broken new limits again.  At 93, she has attained her PhD with a thesis - a comparative study of the Great Depression and the Global Financial Crisis.  And she should know - she has lived through both.

She decided to do the thesis because 'you either use it or lose it'. 

Well, she certainly hasn't lost it yet.  According to her classmates, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and a contagious positive attitude.  She inspires those about her to set their mind to things and to achieve it.  As Angie Ng says, "the best time to do anything is not about your age, it is to do it now". 

As Elisabeth herself says: "When you do get to retirement, have a holiday by all means, relax, but then find something interesting to do, something you've always wanted to do and maybe never have the opportunity because too many other things happened in your life. I think that that is what is really important. "


From Number 96 to Australia's Oldest PhD at 93

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