Too old to do WHAT? This lady has them ALL beat!

Some of us can't do the stairs - we need the lifts and elevators.

But Doris Long (MBE) is an inspiration to us all. 

Doris is 101 years old.

But that's not the big thing.

At the sprightly young age of 101, Doris Long became the world's oldest abseiler. 

She climbs down the sides of buildings with a rope!

It was hard work.  But the wind and rain did not put her off, even if she did 'swing about a bit'.  She said "I enjoyed it, I feel it's well worth it".  True, her legs ached and her arm.  And it didn't do her hair do any good - but she still hopes to repeat the challenge next year - when she has turned 102!

Doris, great-great-grandmother was cheered and applauded by the watching crowd when she got to the bottom of the tower.

This is not her first abseil though.  She did it last year too, when she turned 100.  In fact, she has been doing it since she was 85.

She started started abseiling when she was 85!  Too old to start something new?  Definitely not.

"I don't feel afraid and never have" she said.

Doris Long (MBE) who took to abseiling at 85 years old and has just broken her own world record by descending almost a hundred meters down the side of a spinnaker tower in Portsmouth, England, is living proof of our motto - Age No Limit.

Doris Long 101 world abseiling record spinnaker tower
101 year old woman breaks world record oldest abseiler
Doris Long
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