Larry Johnson might be 95 but he hasn't stopped living!

Larry Johnson has no problems filling in his time.  Being 95 years old does not stop him doing cycling classes three times a week.  Then, there are the upper-body workouts - also three times a week.  In fact, the only day he takes it easy is Saturday!  And in the winter, he goes skiing at least once a week.

And when we said that he takes Saturday off…  well sometimes he's actually doing a 35 mile bike ride along Albuquerque's trails.  Because he has plans.  He aims to win four cycling events - the 5km, 10km, 20km and 40km at the National Senior Games in Minneapolis!

It all started when he was 90 years old, his grandson challenged him to ride one mile for every year.  Larry Johnson was up for the challenge!  Larry Johnson, like many others, is clearly a firm believer in the adage Age No Limit!

And Larry's advice to us all?

From his profile:
"A lot of it is a mindset. You’ve got to appreciate your body for the wonderful machine that it is and you just gotta keep it working. 
I like to tell people to compare it to your car. You have to take care of it to keep it going. You change the oil, get new tires and a battery, you clean the upholstery if you spill something on it. It’s the same way with your body.

You’ve got to feed it well, exercise it, work up a sweat and get your heart rate up. Keep your mind going. If you park your car in the garage and don’t run it the first thing you know the tires go flat and the battery is dead. You have high tech parts,so get some high tech things for your body. Get on the Internet, your email, your cell phone. Find solutions, put a smile on your face and have a social life."

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Read Larry Johnsons Profile - and be amazed!
Odds of being a champ - pretty good!
Larry Johnson
2015 National Senior Games

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